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Ring holder? THE ring holder! This Ring Holder is the first of an entirely new jewelry line that is both decorative and practical. A ring holder that has never been this practical!

How many times have you been working with your hands, realized that your wedding ring could be damaged, and had to worry about leaving your ring in a pocket where it might fall out? Or worse yet, leave it somewhere near where you are working and forget to pick it up?

Worn as a necklace, this ring holder is an easy and beautiful solution. Simply slide your ring through the gap above the crossbar, and down into the "foot" of the cross. It is that easy!


Our unique design has a "throat" and a set of downward-facing prongs at the foot of the cross. This makes it very difficult for a ring to become dislodged in normal activity.

Wider rings may further be retained as they have to rotate into the foot, making these rings almost almost impossible to dislodge!

Each ring holder is cast in solid silver by our own jewelers, and buffed by hand to a high lustre.

Spouses love these crosses! Your beloved will have the comfort of knowing that your wedding ring will always be on your person, close to your heart, at all times while you are apart.

silver ring holder

Do you or someone you know suffer from arthritis or other inflamation of the joints? Owning one of these crosses will allow them to once again wear their rings.

Do you work in the medical, food services, security, or other profession where wearing jewelry is discouraged or even hazardous? A Wedlock Cross™ is for you.


tall as jefferson's nose
...as tall as Washington's
nose on a quarter....
have a round edge
...rings this size must have
a rounded face (most do)....
no thicker than a nickel
No thicker
than a nickel!

If you are wondering if your ring is too big to fit, simply get a nickel and a quarter, and use them as shown in the illustration above. Sizing is quick and easy!

If it does not fit, do not worry, we offer a full money back guarantee. Simply return the item, and you will receive a prompt refund in full when your WLC arrives back.

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