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Earn 20% commission and more!

The Wedlock Cross™ is the first of an entirely new jewelry line designed to be easy to sell, easy to buy, decorative and practical.

A Wedlock Cross™ is easy to sell because the customer has motivation to purchase. For anyone that works with their hands, the Wedlock Cross™ gives them a place to conveniently and safely store their precious wedding band.

Spouses love them too, they know that their husbands / wives will always have their wedding bands on their person, and will not lose them.

We want to help those that wish to succeed get where the want to be!

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Available in coin Silver, each Wedlock Cross™ is cast by our own jeweler, cleaned, and hand-buffed to a lustrous shine. A Wedlock Cross™ is designed to be durable and to last a lifetime.

Customers who purchase a cross for their spouse, and one for themselves receive a discount on the second cross!

Our unique design has a "throat" and a set of downward-facing prongs at the foot of the cross. This makes it very difficult for a ring to become dislodged.

Available through our affiliate program, the wedlock cross offers a generous incentive to the webmaster. For each one sold the affiliate partner will earn a full 20% of the purchase price! This is a full $8 on the first cross sold!

Checks are sent monthly, and each affiliate is given their own landing page with the name of their company upon it.

Our intellectual rights are protected by a copyright, a trademark, and a patent pending.

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tall as jefferson's nose
Rings as tall as Washington's
nose on a quarter....
have a round edge
...rings this size must have
a rounded face (most do)....
no thicker than a nickel
No thicker
than a nickel!

Sizing is quick and easy, using common standard coins. This makes it easy for the customer to place orders with confidence.

If a ring does not fit, we offer a full money back guarantee. The customer needs to simply return the Wedlock Cross™, and will receive a prompt refund in full when the Cross arrives back.

Payment is accepted by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Check, and Money orders via a secure and encrypted transaction processing system. As an affiliate, you never have to pay for transaction fees, or have to worry about fraudulent transactions.

Important Note that the Wedlock Cross™ does not carry a guarantee against loss. The liability of a Wedlock Cross is limited to the purchase price of the cross itself.

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wedlock cross affiliate program
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